Etowah River Woodturners

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2018 2019 African Blackwood Allen Quandee Ambrosia Maple April 4th 2018 April 5th 2017 Ash August 1 2018 August 2nd 2017 Basket Illusion Beads of Courage Becky Fowler Betty Fugate Bill Hayes Bill Johnson Billy McCallister Birdhouse Black Black Walnut Bloodwood Bob Nero Bocote Bottle Stopper Bow Tie Bowl Box Elder Bradford Pear Bring Back Box Burl calcite Carrabotta Carving Cherokee County Arts Center Cherry Cherry Burl Children's Healthcare of Atlanta Christmas Party Cocobolo Coloring Compressed Wood Conductor's Baton Copper Dan Hise Dan Leslie December 6th 2017 Demonstration Dish Donation Doud Nicholson Doug Nicholson Dowel Inclusions dye ebonized Ebony Elrod Epoxy Etowah River Woodturners Event Exhibit Fair February 3rd 2018 February 6th 2019 February 7th 2018 finial Flame Box Elder Founders Day George Starsmeare Georgia Association of Woodturners Georgia National Fair 2017 Glen Crandall Goblet green Hanging ornaments Hat hickory Hollowform Holly inlay January 2nd 2019 January 3rd 2018 Japanese Rice Bowl with Chopsticks Jar Lid Jet Jig Jim Elrod Joe Penn July 12th 2017 June 7th 2017 Kat Tomiczek Kennesaw Knight Larry McClish Lathe lid Lidded Box Magnolia Mahogany Make Something From The Kitchen Which Isn't A Bowl Or Pepper Grinder Maple Maple Burl March 1st 2017 March 21st 2019 March 6th 2019 March 7th 2018 Matt Jones May 2nd 2018 May 3rd 2017 McCallister McClish Meeting Mexican Cocobolo Michael Dupuis millifiori Mini Lathe Monty Knight Mortar and Pestle Mushroom Mystery Wood Natural Edge Nick Cook Norfolk Island Pine November 1st 2017 Oak October 3rd 2018 October 4th 2017 open vase ornaments padauk Paint Painted Parents Night Open House Peggy Schmid pen Pen blanks pendent Pens Pens for Veterans Perry Georgia piercing Pink Ivory plate Platter Plumley Polymer Clay Poplar Presentation Presidents Challenge Purpleheart Quandee Rainbow Poplar Red red calcite Resin Ricky Stewart Ring Holder Robert Calhoun Rockler ron car Ron Carrabotta Ron Comtois Ronald Plumley rose engine Sassafrass Scoops Scott Warren Sculpture sea turtle sea urchin Segmented September 5th 2018 September 6th 2017 Show and Tell Spalted spalted maple spalting Spectraply Sphere Sphere on a support Stand Starsmeare Stave Construction Steve Epperson Sweet gum Texturing Therming Threaded Three-legged Tim Mehling Tomiczek Toney Bolling Tool Handle urchin vase Veneer voids Walnut Weedpot Wenge Yellowheart