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2017 2018 2019 Acrylic Allen Quandee Ambrosia Maple Angel April 3rd 2019 April 5th 2017 April 7th 2022 August 1 2018 August 2nd 2017 August 4 2022 August 4th 2021 August 7 2019 Beads of Courage Becky Fowler Billy McCallister Bob Nero Bowen Center Bowl Bowls Box Elder Burl Burned Lines Charles Jennings Cherry Chinaberry Claro Walnut Compote Dish Compressed Wood Dawsonville Demonstration Dragon dragonfly dye Ebony Eggs Embellished Eggs Embellishment Etowah River Woodturners Executive II Exhibit February 2022 February 3rd 2018 February 3rd 2022 February 6th 2019 finial Flower pot Founders Fountain Pen Frank Cyzick Gary Beasley Gary Beasley George Starsmeare green Hollowform Holly Hybrid Woodturning Instant Gallery January 2nd 2019 January 3rd 2018 January 8th 2020 Jar Lid Jim Elrod July 12th 2017 July 3rd 2019 July 7th 2021 July 7th 2022 June 2nd 2021 June 2nd 2022 June 5th 2019 June 6th 2018 June 7th 2017 Kat Tomiczek Kennesaw Kevin McDonald Larry McClish Leopard wood Lidded Bowl Lidded Box Lodded Box Logan Speer Manhole lidded box Maple Marblewood March 1st 2017 March 3rd 2022 March 4th 2020 March 6th 2019 March 7th 2018 Matt Jones May 1st 2019 May 3rd 2017 May 5th 2022 Meeting Michael Dupuis Natural Edge Norfolk Island Pine November 1st 2017 October 2nd 2019 October 3rd 2018 October 4th 2017 October 4th 2022 October 7th 2020 Olive wood Olympian Elite Ornamental Cherry pen pendent Pens piercing Pine Cone Platter Plywood Presidents Challenge Purpleheart Ricky Stewart Robert Calhoun Rockler Ron Carrabotta Ron Comtois Ronald Plumley rose engine Rosewood Segmented September 1st 2021 September 4th 2019 September 5th 2018 September 6th 2017 Show and Tell Slimline Solo Cup Caddy Spalted Thuya Burl Tim Mehling Tom Beatty Tool Handle Tops Torus vase Veneer Walnut Weedpot winged bowl