Larry McClish

Learned some woodturning in High School, and never took it any futher. Have always had a wood shop and built things from furniture to decks, including a complete remodel of a home. Took several woodworking classes at Mark Adams and, as a requirement for the Masters program, you had to take a woodturning class.  I decided to do a class with Michael Hosaluk in 2004. THat was all it took…. Joined Woodturners of Southwest Florida in Ft. Myers, which was a great club with very friendly members and mentored under one of their best turners. Became an officer and started doing demonstrations. Participated in several judged shows in FT. Myers and won Best of Show three times. Decided to form a club closer to home and, with four others, founded Peace River Woodturners and became an officer and demonstrator.  Great club that continues to thrive. Retired and decided to move back to Georgia. Joined the Apple Ridge Woodturners and became an officer and demonstrator. Great group. Due to aging and eyesight, decided to form another club in Canton close to home. Specialties include segmenting, hollow forms, piercing, airbrushing and  household items.
Enjoy demonstrating, tutoring, and the comaraderie
Larry McClish
Larry McClish

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Vice President

Allen Quandee



Allen Quandee

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Ron Carrabotta


I learned to turn in the mid 60’s in Jr. High School and later in High School. I didn’t pick it up again until the late 70’s when someone gave me an old Sears lathe. At that time I had no chucks and only carbon steel tools which I sharpened by hand. I still managed to turn several chess sets and a finial for the Grandfather clock that I built. 

Skip ahead several decades until my retirement in 2010. My wife and I were at the Marble Festival in Jasper, Georgia. Apple Ridge Wood Turners (ARW) had a demonstration booth set up and my wif, Kat, was fascinated. She said “I’d like to learn how to do that”. My reply, “I used to do that”. By 2011, we had purchased our first lathe and we joined ARW and the American Association of Woodturners (AAW). 

Since my reintroduction to turning, I have taught Kat how to turn, have attended several classes at John C. Campbell Folk School and attended several local symposia as well as the AAW National Symposium in Atlanta in 2016.

I am currently a member of the American Association of Woodturners, current member and Past President of Apple Ridge Woodturners, one of the founding member of Etowah River Woodturners and current Secretary. I look forward to serving on the board of ERW and helping ERW grow into a vibrant and active club. 


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Becky Fowler

Becky Fowler

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Ronald Plumley

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